IGARSS Community Remote Sensing Project

The IGARSS Community Remote Sensing Competition is finished. The Geo.wiki team congratulates and thanks all participants of the IGARSS competition for all the fun and support!
After a long and breathtaking neck-and-neck race between Rubul Hazarika and JP Ardila the winner is Juan Pablo Ardila with a score of 5818:5619!
Juan Pablo Ardila received his bachelor on GIS&RS in Colombia and the M.Sc. degree in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation from the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), The Netherlands. He is currently working towards his PhD degree at the University of Twente, ITC. His research is on the development of image analysis methods for identification and monitoring of vegetation in very high resolution images. He also produces and hosts the GIS&RS audio podcast Geografia para Llevar.
You can continue to validate points by using Geo-Wiki.org.

The Geo-Wiki Project is a global network of volunteers who wish to help improve the quality of global land cover maps. Since large differences occur between existing global land cover maps, current ecosystem and land-use science lacks crucial accurate data (e.g. to determine the potential of additional agricultural land available to grow crops in Africa). Volunteers are asked to review hotspot maps of global land cover disagreement and determine, based on what they actually see in Google Earth and their local knowledge, if the land cover maps are correct or incorrect. Their input is recorded in a database, along with uploaded photos, to be used in the future for the creation of a new and improved global land cover map.

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IGARSS Community Remote Sensing Competition
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Deadline of the competition was extended 10th of August 2010
11:59pm (CET)
IGARSS Users 47
IGARSS Validations 39
Current Winner of the SONY digital camera